Price list of ski passes

Cennik lyžiarske Stredisko SkiKraliky sezona 2018-2019


  • All prices are with the tax.
  • Deposit for a card is 2€ .
  • In our cash desk is possible to pay with credit card.
  • 1 ride with the chairlift, evening ticket is avaiable for evening skiing.
  • Juniors - passengers from 12 until 17 years old.
  • Children - passengers until 11 years old.
  • Seniors - passengers over 60 years old.
  • Child until 6 years old ride with adult. (For adults is necessary to buy ticket for self in cash desk).
  • Evening skiing on ski chair: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, public holidays and holidays from 5:30PM until 8:30 PM.
  • We accept cards for discount: Euro26, ISIC -  JUNIOR prices, disabled persons - CHILDREN prices.

Instructions for the price

  • All tickets, without 1 ride for ski chair are available for all transport equipment.
  • For all skipases is deposit 3 € .We return this deposit only for funtional and not broken skipasses!
  • All skipasses are non transferable.
  • 2 days skipasses and skipasses for more days are with the picture of passenger.
  • When prompted operating personnel center is required to show a valid ski pass. Clients found without a ticket or a not valid skipass (which they will subsequently blocked) are required to pay a fine to the value of one day ski pass with 100% fee.
  • For carriage only use skipasses purchased at the cash desk. Skipasses obtained or purchased not from the cash desk will be blocked!
  • When you purchase a discounted ticket to their control and operation of transport facilities is essential to establish the age of a valid identity card (the children passport or health insurance card, the Junior passport or health insurance card and the 15-th year of age ID card or passport and the Senior ID card or passport). In the case of abuse of a discounted ski pass the operator reserves the right to withdraw it.
  • The forgotten or lost skipass will be not compensated.
  • After buing the skipass is not possible to replacement, extension or amendment of skipass validity.
  • In bad weather, interruption of operation of all facilities for more than 1 hour, or earlier departure will not be compensated.
  • Skipass, when passing through the turnstile need to select suitable place it on the left side (eg a jacket pocket). Do not place the pass near a mobile phone, deleting coded ticket is not entitled to repeat free of charge!
  • 3 - and 4-hour skipasses are valid from the moment the first pass through the turnstile.
  • A visitor buying a skipass undertakes to comply with the applicable tariff and transfer conditions and instructions to passengers.


Pricelist of ski service and rental


Pricelist of ski and snowboard school