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General terms and conditions


Dear customers, please take a moment to read the following notes. So, we prevent possible misunderstandings. Thank you. Anyone who claims the discounted ticket ( Children, Junior , Senior ) shall be entitled to a discount voucher. E.g. child’s insurance card or ID card. All passes are non-transferable. One pass may ride only one person. All passes are non-contact. We recommend them after buying inserted into a pocket on the left side. Also note that the passes are sensitive to signals glowing from your mobile phone and therefore place it nearby. It can thus be obliterated, in which case a deposit is not refunded resort ski pass. Please, note that each pass is backed up in price 3EUR and where they are going during ski season more times, just keep it in the box office and every pass to charge. The cash desk is open daily from 8:45 AM to 4:15 PM and evening skiing from 5:15 PM to 9:45 PM lesson in ski and snowboard school lasts 50 minutes.

Dear visitors, we inform you that the entrance fee to the Ski Kraliky electronic turnstile is run and managed by staff of our company. Due to the availability of quality assurance at the center charge a fee for the maintenance of the access road at fee 3 EUR per vehicle. The fee does not apply to:

– Visitors tickets with input from an electronic turnstile who purchase any type of ski pass or multi-day ski pass holder

– Visitors tickets with input from an electronic turnstile and not using services associated with the purchase of the ski pass , who will prove the validation (label ) output Ticket when Kase account from the cash register of consummation of any of the forwarding points in a catering service company SKI LIFT , Ltd. , in minutes of fee 7 EUR.

– Visitors tickets with input from an electronic turnstile, which means of transport leaving the resort center within 30 minutes from the time of its entry ticket to the input of an electronic turnstile method validation ( signs ) of the output of an electronic ticket turnstile with which the visitor leaves the resort.

– Visitor of booking ski pass at the same time ask the worker at the cash desk of validation ( sign ) output coupon.

– Visitor with an account from the cash register of the consummation ask a worker at the cash desk of validation ( sign ) output coupon.

Fee shall cover: other visitors who do not even use one of the above methods Loss validated ticket outlet, or failure to prove the output tickets in electronic turnstile is charged at fee 15 EUR .